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We offer more than 50 classes per week, including: Step Aerobics, Turbokick™, Pilates Mat Classes and Yoga, Body Power and Body Sculpting and Conditioning, Abs Only, Circuit Training, K.U.T., Body Pump™, Step, and Cycling Classes.

Special Programs include: Ski & Sport Conditioning, Outdoor Boot Camps, TRX™,Basketball and Volleyball Skills Classes.

Body Pump

The original weights class that builds strength, tones your body and pushes you to the limit every time read more…This 60-minute workout challenges all of your major muscle groups using the best weight room exercises like Squats, Presses, Lifts and Curls. Great music and instructors and your choice of weights – Get results and fast!

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Yoga Basics

Yoga Basics is an exploration of the yoga postures and sequencing and of relaxation and pranayama (breathing). read more… Meant for those new to yoga this class can provide a valuable review for current practitioners. Strengthen and stretch your mind and body.


For Men and women, all fitness levels are welcome. read more… Yoga promotes balance, flexibility, strength and relaxation through various postures and breathing techniques. Taught in Hatha Yoga style.

Vinyasa Yoga

The word Vinyasa means “breath-synchronized movement.” read more… In other words, the teacher will instruct you to move from one pose to the next on an inhale or an exhale. This technique is sometimes also called Vinyasa Flow, or just Flow because of the smooth way that the poses run together and become like a dance. Saturdays at 10:00 am.

Power Yoga

Power Yoga is a dynamic yoga practice combining strength, flexibility and concentration taught in a vinyasa (flow) style. read more… Careful attention is placed on the breath and proper alignment. This vigorous practice heals and detoxifies the body, soothing the nervous system while building cardiovascular strength and stamina. The focus discovered during this practice awakens clarity, passion and confidence that will accompany you off the mat into your daily life. All levels welcome.

Hatha Yoga

For Men and women, all fitness levels are welcome. read more… Every class will include a sequence of physical postures (asana) that encourage the student to balance effort and surrender and breathing techniques (pranayama) which still the fluctuations of the mind allowing the student to be more focused and present. Yoga promotes balance, focus, flexibility, strength and relaxation. All classes are based on Hatha Yoga principles.

Flow Yoga

A dynamic yoga practice that uses rhythmic combination of challenging poses linked with the breath. read more… Emphasis on proper body alignment, balance, stamina and strength. In this class the focus is upper and lower body strength coupled with a powerful core which increases circulation in the joints and back. Sculpts your body from the inside out.

Pilates Mat

Pilates mat classes will help you improve posture and develop core control, read more… which is the ability to move effectively and efficiently by transmitting force from the body’s center through the torso and limbs. Pilates-evolved mat exercises coordinate diaphragmatic breathing with properly sequenced co-contractions of the deep abdominal, pelvic floor, and spinal musculature. The exercises emphasize precise alignment and efficient sequencing of movement. For all levels.

Core Flow

A Pilates-Yoga hybrid core strengthening class designed for people who are looking for a challenging mat workout. read more… Develops core strength in a powerful class that emphasizes engaging the core muscles. This class explores ways to modify practice to build abdominal strength and will also help your balance, strength, and flexibility. Each class will be a little bit different.

Restorative Yoga

Restorative yoga is an excellent introduction for beginners and a welcome oasis for advanced practitioners. read more…Classes at the peak daily stress time (noon) are most beneficial. Class is offered at noon on Mondays & Fridays. Come to a class and experience stress relief for yourself.

Full Body Fusion

Integrate techniques from weight lifting, yoga, dance and pilates to create a workout that builds strength, increases joint mobility, improves read more… balance and enhances activation of the muscles of the core. This class is great for those with an established strength training routine or a long term yoga practice as well as those who are new to exercise. You will explore dynamic ways of moving in your body and learn new skills that help you achieve your goals. All levels welcome.

Turbo Kick™

Turbo Kick, a fusion of hip hop and kickboxing, is the hottest cardio kickboxing class read more… around for fitness training. Great music, tons of cardio, fun and energizing. Mondays at 6:30 pm

TRX Training™

TRX Suspension raining is a total body fitness program using gravity against your body weight to develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability. read more… In semi-private group sessions, led by a certified trainer, you can work at a level to add more or less body weight to modify any exercise. Straps are attached to an anchor point to work hundreds of different exercises. For all Levels. Private and Semi-Private group training with Certified Personal Trainers. Call to Schedule. Learn more about TRX™ Group Suspension Training


Designed to increase fitness level, performance level, and resting metabolism, K.U.T. integrates straight forward strength training, with HIIT (high intensity interval training.) read more… – Utilzing timed sets, you will move from upper body resistance training, to lower body multi plane, strength and plyometric training. Whether you cycle, play basketball, run or are a general fitness junkie, K.U.T. is a great addition to any fitness routine. Come and learn how it works on the inside and see the K.U.T. on the outside. Taught by veteran instructor, Katherine Kaufman. Katherine has been a fitness instructor and trainer for over 23 years. Utilizing an array of her own original programs, she has nurtured students of all levels. Open to all in Group Fitness Studios Wednesdays at 6:00 pm.

Step +

A step class with moderate to high intensity. read more… Choreography has a challenge and with up-tempo, fast music. It’s fast pace will improve your cardiovascular fitness as well as balance, strength and coordination. An energizing and fun hour.


An innovative low-impact workout stepping on and off a step.


Cycling is a non-impact, high cardio-indoor cycling experience that is simple, fun and easy to learn. read more… Your instructor will lead you through a virtual ride, simulating hills and other various terrain to energizing music. Because intensity and resistance can be controlled, Spin is a class for any fitness level. Truly a mind-body experience!

Ski & Sport Conditioning

Ski & Sport Conditioning 6:00-7:15 pm Mon/Wed. Calesthenics, Speed drills, Plyometrics, kickboxing, core training balance and power drills, and a total body workout. Read more… Winter 2014:  January 6 to March 12. Member Fees apply $60. Non-Members $325.00. Instructor: Lisa Ballatore and Tim Sinnett, NSCA-CSCS certified personal trainers. Court shoes only in gym. Register at front desk. Click for schedule.

Silver Power

A special program for seniors or those wanting a moderately paced class for instruction and demonstration. read more… The class is carefully constructed focusing on good technique, proper form and working at the appropriate level. Includes moderate aerobic exercise and strength training in a friendly, supportive and non-intimidating environment. You are welcome to come see a class anytime. 8am Mon/Wed/Fri Instructor: Tim Beauchamp

Boot Camp – Spring/Summer 2014

Indoor/Outdoor Spring and Summer sessions with Lisa Ballatore. Sessions are 8 weeks. Stay fit, enjoy the outdoors and make friends along the way at SMB Gym’s Boot Camp. Change your mindset about exercise with a mix of strength training and aerobic conditioning. Boot Camp maximizes your time with efficient exercises that get you real more… You can expect to do calisthenics, such as pull-ups, push-ups, lunges and crunches, as well as drills and sprints. Boot Camp’s interval training — bursts of intense activity alternated with intervals of lighter activity – is designed so all fitness levels can participate. The level of difficulty increases weekly. Sound Mind & Body Gym has been offering Boot Camp for 15 years. Our Boot Camp is popular because it is full of team work, fun and camaraderie without being competitive. Veteran instructor, Lisa Ballatore, keeps everyone moving and helps push you harder than you can push yourself. You will be pleasantly surprised by how fast the workout goes by and by how much you enjoy the experience. Classes are outdoors so dress for the weather.

Register now at the Front Desk either in Person or by calling 206/547-2706.
Special Members Price: $64; Non-Members: $125.00

Sessions are 8-weeks; Monday/Wednesday at 6:00 pm

Spring and Summer dates will be published in March 2014

Monday/Wednesday at 6:00 pm in Gymnasium. Fee: $64. Register at the front desk.

Volleyball skills Classes

Spring Classes start Winter 2014:  January 15 – March 5
Improve your skills for volleyball in a fun and friendly environment. The format includes instruction and drills for 1.5 hours followed by playtime for participants to apply skills. Learn the fundamentals: passing, setting, hitting, digging, blocking and valuable team skills with a fun and active approach. Director: Herman Chin
Wednesdays – 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm
Classes are offered in 8-Week series in Fall/Winter/Spring – (No Summer session).
Cost: Members: $48, Non-Members: 116, Drop-Ins (if space is available): $7 Members, $20 Non-Members
Register at the Front Desk or by calling 206/547-2706

Weight Training Group 6:00 pm,Tuesdays

- Women’s Group, Tuesdays- Lead by Vickie Harrington, The SMB Women’s Weight Training Group wants to bring together women of all backgrounds and ages who are interested in health,fitness,and increasing the quality of their more… Whether you are a complete beginner to intermediate athlete, we will learn more about weight training in a casual and fun atmosphere. All the latest studies prove that strength training, not aerobics, provides the key to losing fat and building a fit, strong body. Muscles need to be strengthened to achieve a lean, healthy look. Properly conditioned muscles increase metabolism and promote weight loss-it’s that simple.
Meet at the workout station on lower level, weight room. Tuesdays at 6:00 pm (1-hour workout). Every Week! No sign up necessary.